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We connected in Fremantle. We created a soulful energy together. Flames burned, energy flowed. We painted, we played, we laughed. Our talents grew……

FAM (Fremantle Art Movement) was born

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Our Artists

Our visual artists have wide and varied styles. Each with their own unique flavours and gifts. Painting, Sculpture, Sketching, Photography, Handmade Art/Craft are some mediums passionately created by our diversely talented collection of Australian Artists.

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Next Exhibition

Our current exhibition "Brew" at Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle

We have scored a Winter Residency at Little Creatures until the end of August 2017. Grab yourself a tasy Ale and rub shoulders with the artists during this chilly winter. Let us know what you think of our art. It comes from our heart. The Awe-inspiring team at LC's and our FAM artits will be holding workshops, markets and more.

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Lets Learn and Grow Together

We create because we have to. It is part of who we are.

We help emerging artists make their way through the Art industry. We provide unique experience and a community full of energy, creativity and vibrancy. The perfect environment to learn and grow as an artist.

We welcome established, emerging artists and beginners to come and play and allow your own creative essence to flow. Become a member here.

We offer art, music, sound healing and many other activities at our events. We also welcome new ideas to the table.

If you have a business that needs an attraction, we can help animate your space with art, entertainment and activity. see more


Jane Lawrence Fremantle Art Movement

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Contact us for information on our latest projects or become part of our collective. Contact us here